Three Effective Methods to Build Your Email Lists from Scratch

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, email lists building considered as the most valuable marketing skills you will need to learn. Simply, it means collecting the contact details of your potential customers, giving you the permission to market products to them in the future. The bigger list or the more contacts you have, the more people you can market to at any time. In the long run, it helps you to increase the number of customers you have, the average transaction value, as well as the number of transactions through your company.
how to build a mailing list from scratch can be a challenging issue to beginners.
Here are three effective methods you can use to build your list fast:

1- Pay Per View Advertising

Adf.ly is a free URL shortening service. You can purchase advertising there and when people clicked on the shortened URL, they will get to see your website first before going to the authentic site. This is a form of pay per view advertising where you pay for people to view your squeeze page or your contact details collection page. This form of advertising is generally cheaper and easily reasonably priced. The downside is that the quality of visitors will not be great. The visitors are not so targeted and the conversion rate will not be high. If this method of advertising is prepared correctly, it can be a great way of building a list fast in view of its low cost.

2- Solo Ads Campaign
Solo ads campaign is an additional form of advertising where you pay people to broadcast your ads or message to their mailing list and the seller signs off at the end of the message. In this way, you will be leveraging on the skill and reputation of the seller as it would appear that the message originated from the seller. Currently, the general practice is that seller guarantees a certain number of clicks from the advertisement for a certain amount of price. This can also be called paid-per-click advertising. Running solo ads campaign is generally more expensive but the traffic is highly targeted.

3- Pay-Per-Lead Advertising
Pay-per-lead advertising is another way of advertising where you pay for leads or contacts you get. An example of this would be the Get subscriber service from Getresponse where it allows people to co-register to other lists of interest. In this case, you just need a short description of the benefits of joining your list. You do not even need a website or squeeze page.

As the leads do not actually get to see your website before signing up, the quality of the leads would be questionable. However, this is the simplest way to build your list fast.

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