A fast Typer Can Make $20-$30 A Day with Megatypers!

If you a fast typer, here is some good news for you. First I’d like to ask you if you have ever heard about MegaTypers before?! It’s an amazing exclusive site that pays you to fill out CAPTCHAs.
Definitely You’ve filled out a ton of these CAPTCHAs while surfing the web. It’s your golden chance to fill them out and earn some money as well!
fast typer
Joining Megatypers is free the only thing you need to join is a referral code. You can use mine “7LHB
From my personal point of view Megatypers.com is perfect for those people with a lot of free time on their hands so if you’re busy all the time I don’t recommend joining.
Megatypers.com don’t have any country restrictions and payout in a variety of ways; (PayPal, Western Union, Webmoney). You need at least $3 USD of accumulated commission to receive your payment. If you use Western Union, you need at least $100 USD. Note please once you choose your payment method, you cannot change in the future!
The faster you can type, the more you’ll make. Their payout is extremely low at only $3 which is nice most PTC(Paid To Click ) sites are approximately $20+. So by putting in a little bit more effort then just clicking you can make more on this site then PTC sites. Also the amount you get paid is different depending on what time you fill the CAPTCHs out.
You can join at:

Megatypers & Protypers Invitation Codes: Megatypers and Protypers
MegaTypers.com is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to private and governmental institutions. Our main goal is to support our client’s digitization requirements by converting scanned papers 

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